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Your role in Spiritual Direction is:
* To spend time in prayer each day
* To be open to sharing about that prayer
and about your faith journey
* To arrange your meeting times
with your Spiritual Director
* To meet regularly with your Spiritual Director,
usually once a month for a one hour session
* To act on the inspiration of your Director
* Pay fee for session

Information: Spiritual Direction Offerings

Please contact me for any way I can help (fees negotiated):

* Individual Spiritual Direction - I meet with individuals for Spiritual Direction at my office on a monthly basis to discern God's guidance. I am accepting new clients for ongoing Spiritual Direction. Consider setting up a meeting.

* Individually Directed Retreats - Individuals set up meetings with me at my office during their retreat, while staying overnight at home. This retreat is personal and custom fit to each individual.

* Group Spiritual Direction - A process where we gather, pray, and listen for God's guidance in a group setting. I serve as Spiritual Director for the group.

* Peer Supervision - I help and guide ministers as they serve others. Supervision can be offered individually or in a group setting.

* Prayer Groups and Women's Groups - I am experienced in leading groups for spiritual growth.
How can I help your group?

* Retreats - I am a skillful retreat director, and have led many retreats. Each group can pick the retreat topic, or can ask me to decide the theme.

Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, Generosity, Self-Control - The Fruit of the Spirit, GAL 5:22-23